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Newbie says hi! where to go Ribing in the UK

Me wife 7 year old and 5 year old. They can swim so need the next risky adventure, always wanted to go boating now I have my two good little reasons I dont know where to go. Have been to places that are good for boating, Trecco Bay, Abersoch/ Warren beach, but for short and longer vacations i could do with local destinations and a choice of coast destinations. It doesnt help that I live the furthest possible form the sea, near Whipsnade west of Luton. Anyone suggest a club book or website or just list your own favourites? I havent bought a boat yet but have my eye on a couple of Zodiac mk1 s oh need some advice on motors too, well that should kick thngs off, basically I need to know everthing...Rgds

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Newbie says hi! where to go Ribing in the UK

Originally Posted by Rubberthrust View Post
......,,basically I need to know everthing...Rgds

There're one or two on here that can help with that. Anyway moving on:-

1, don't buy a boat until you have run it by the collective. Don't fall into the classic trap of buying a boat & then asking if it's any good, after the fact.

2, fix a budget & double it, that should get you off the mark. Don't underestimate the cost of owning a boat.

3, don't be too ambitious to start with, 7,5 & a missus could soon be put off after a poor, lumpy, cold, wet few times out. Keep it short & sweet & leave 'em wanting more. Softly softly catchee monkey, reel 'em in gently.

Others will be along shortly.

Btw welcome to Ribnet.

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Have you look into a boat club type scheme while you find your feet? I keep seeing Boat Club Trafalgar advertised, and if I lived closer to the south coast it would be something I would have joined I think, Lots of different boats to use / try -
I love owning a rib, but some days I would like a cabin boat and they seem to have it all?

I am nothing to do with them, and I am not a member of the club just thought I would suggest it?

Home | Boat Club Trafalgar
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My kids love the boat, best advice is make sure you have something they can grow into.

I've changed boats 3 times as the kids have grown to ensure we all have room, proper seats, space for picnics etc.

The other thing to think of is your actual use, are you just going for a gentile pootle, will you like to move onto some distance and trips?

If you're thinking canals and local rivers then a Mk1, Yam 380s, Honwave or Quicksilver sib will do nicely for you all on a nice day.

If you're thinking South coast, waves and touring trips then perhaps a rib may be a better option?

I started 3.8m sib, moved to a 4m rib, 4.7 and now 5.5 for the level of comfort and safety.

Bude Dive Club -
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