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Long Time no see

A lot of tides have been and gone since I last posted , and I am sorry to
report the League of Venturers Search and Rescue which I founded 50 Years
ago and in the 1960s probably provided the Coat guard with a high speed
rib on patrol in radio contact as the first Independent Life Boat from which
has from my example grown to a fleet which must have saved many lives and without which the 1200 incidents a year in the Solent the RNLI could not have coped. In particular Gosport Rescue which I first saw in a dilapidated old toilet now have a magnificent HQ and training facilities and I am always reading of first class rescue , The same for Hamble Rescue which is used more than the local RNLI and provide a real 24/7 turnout . I expect there are other all round the UK In a letter from District Officer Needles July 1986 "It is stated thatthese rescue boats on patrol is excellent with man small craft assisted ,in 1970 our early service is the fore runner of many. That it with much regret afterafter 50 Glorious Years where HRH the Prince of Wales Offered to be our Grand Patron. I retired in 2011 . That the New Board of
Trustee's who went dormant in September 2014 . mounted a spurious
counterclaim against my request for them to repay £20,000 in interest free
loans I made for the urgent repair of our Ex Cowes Lifeboat ,where underfloor leaking petrol tanks had filled the bilge with Petrol , and had we now had a pre-launch manual like a aircraft which cancelled the launch I called have lost my entire crew in a ball of fire.In 212 They mounted a spurious counter claim , involved the Police in claims of my money laundering fraud and theft from the Venturers and after a ten month investigation found no evidence . He also in April 2016 he also failed to
produce any evidence and I was awarded £5073. 80 Costs , and in
September 2016 I won my money claims and awarded £67876 ;but they
declared they only had £98 cash in the bank 2 tractors and a Porta Cabin
which they tried to offer as settlement . On 19th December 2016 , The
Youth Marine Training Academy (which is where he had transferred all the
assets of the Venturers in212 Was made Bankrupt and insolvent So I did
not get ay payment for my loans or legal costs .I do however feel at looking
back on what our young Cadets achieved and how their training and RYA
and IYT Certificates had in adult life been a passport to a worthwhile
career , With many now Officer on Cruise Ships , $ MCA Skippers with
a Loacal Launch Company One served a a ashore Coast Guard Watch Leader
Skipper of Hythe Ferry, and now on the Pilot Launch 1 boy gained a £5000
bursary to Dartmouth Navel College It may have cost me money : but
feel I have done something useful with the Life God Gave Me.That Mr Martin
Bennett CEO Hon Chief Executive Officer and Chair of Trustee's is going to
have to explain to the Official Receiver where the £3400 cash in the bank
he took over in 2012 , where the cash from the sale of 3 Sea Riders, a
Humber 5.6 Meter Rib , The Ex-Cowes Life Boat and the 9 MDisel Ocean Dynamic Diesel Water Jet , a Landrover 130 Crew Cab a Landrover
90 Station Wagon , ARange Rover Ambulance A Mazda Bongo Ambulance
2 Mazda Minibuses 36 Drew Suites Helmets and Life Jacktet and much
more has gone SO WATCH THIS SPACE
Tiffy MBE (For Services to Youth

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I'm sure there's a sad & salutary tale in there somewhere, but I'm buggered if I can pick it out.
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