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Country: UK - Wales
Town: Cardiff, Lyme Regis, Wade
Length: no boat
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Hi to all from South West/South Wales

Hi to all and thanks for such a great asset.
This is my 2nd shot for an intro not sure what happened to original effort - so this will be quicker.
Got agreement for the purchase of a used rib so want to act as fast as possible before that changes
Will be based out of Lyme Regis at weekends but live in Cardiff during week
To be used by myself and my two lads 17 & 20 and friends.
Want to use it to do a bit of drift diving, snorkelling, skiing, wake boarding, fishing and just general fun - especially in weather like this, but also when its a little rougher out there in the winter.
Have read loads on forum over last few years but now I have agreement could really do with a bit of advice on what would be best option for rib size and engine size.
If I had the money i would be buying new and large, but I don't. So looking to buy used and as large as I can but with as low as possible fuel expenditure.
I know I could get away with a 25 litre tank on a 4 metre with 40HP, but that would be too limiting for towing a slalom skier with a couple of us in the boat? And I want to limit us as little as possible - so long as it doesn't cost too much to run.
Would be great if i could fit the boat in a garage 5.7 metres long with an entrance width of 2.1 metres but not essential as I could always park it elsewhere.
Any input by those that know about it all would be really helpful, as I work 6 days a week every hour of the day - isn't self employment great so would be great for us to all get out on the water together any spare moments we have.
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