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Country: USA
Town: California
Make: zodiac futura
Length: 4m +
Join Date: May 2018
Posts: 257
Hi All from Southern California

Perhaps I should have posted here first but had to reply to one of the other posts first.
My first SIP was an Avon Spitfire 1983 30 hp. A real fast fun boat. Since then I have had several kinds of boats( 6 total). But boat storage in my area starts at $1200 a year and Im done with that. So now I have a Zodiac Futura MK2 60hp e-tec. Its insanely fast. We use it to wakeboard the kids. Or just get out and drink beer in it.
Being a retired Fabricator I built out the boat to be more civilized for my 60 year old back. I built tubing steering console and two seats mounted to a storage box under. I assemble the boat at home using my garage door arch beam and a cheap electric hoist to lift the boat on to the trailer then the motor/controls onto the boat.
The trailer I made folds in half and tips on its side where it has removable casters. The trailer and boat go down the side of my house and live in the shed. The motor and attached controls stay in the garage. Build time is about 1 hr 15 minutes. The aluminum floor of the Futura takes 1/2 that time. The built boat stays in the garage during summer.

I live in the Los Angeles area but mainly boat on the Colorado river between Hoover dam and down river as far as Parker. Their are 3 distinct types of activities depending on the section you pick. Parker is the most built up and I only rarely go there. Havasu is a larger lake with wakeboarding and 3 different areas where people gather to watch and be watched. But the main down side is Lake Havasu has no speed limit and even though its a inland lake the majority of the boats now are 40+foot offshore speed boats that really chop up the water. Making weekends impossible for any boat under 20'. On the good side these boats are very cool looking and the women in them are too! Now the main area we go is just below Hoover dam. Launching at Willow Beach Marina. This stretch of river runs thru a deep canyon and as it widens out down river near Lake Mojave, sand beaches are all around. Generally you get one to your self. During the week you might not see anyone all day. The deep canyon is about 20 miles long and at the lake end the water temp is about 80 deg. Air 100 and very dry.
P.S. My wife says I share too much! She might be right.

The pic attached was last season when I had a 40hp 4 stroke that was disappointing hole shot. No wake boarding with that motor. Now it has the 60hp e-tec.
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