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Country: USA
Town: Deep woods FL
Boat name: POS
Make: Avon
Length: 6m +
Engine: Twin 70hp Johnsons
Join Date: Aug 2015
Posts: 1


I'm a big forum user for other hobbies like scuba diving and guns. Now that I'm in the process of rehabbing and older RIB, figured I'd find a RIB forum. Already see this place is a great recourse. Was searching older threads for Hypolan glue. As there is a patch I need to make on the port tube where the gusset material ties the tube into the haul.

Anyways my boat is an old USCG vessel (Avon). Came out of Port Huron Michigan. Where it was sold as surplus to a local sherrifs department. They sold the boat to my buddy after using it for years. Then he used it for a few years, but was boat rich. So it didn't get much use. So when he ran out of storage space it was the first on to get parked outside in Michigan winters. After a few years of not being used and outside storage he gave it to me.

I've had it for a few years. Gave up on rehabbing the motors myself. Really didn't have the cash to just turn it over to a marina and have the mechanics go wild. Found a local guy out in the woods that is a mechanic in his spare time. The price was right. He was able to get the port motor running again. That is where the luck ended. The starboard motor and spare motor both have two blown cylinders. So it looks like I'll be running just one engine until I can figure out a power head rebuild.

The specs is a 1984 Avon Searider (6m or 7m I believe) twin 70hp Johnsons. There is a brass plate that states the vessel that it's rated 12 passengers and 3 crew.

When I get this bad boy ship shape it will be the family dive vessel for running around the waters of Florida. Right now most out boating is inland on the rivers. Which we have a 16' Jon boat with a 25hp. This rig will be for going off shore. Thanks for having me!



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Country: USA
Town: Oakland CA
Length: 3m +
Join Date: Feb 2005
Posts: 6,653
Sounds interesting. Might want to see about bumping up the power if you're running on a single. 150 or so sounds about right, especially if loaded with divers and gear (or a few guns and a cr@pload of ammo.)

Keep us updated, and welcome to the forum;


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Country: USA
Town: S. Carolina
Boat name: D560
Make: Avon
Length: 5m +
Engine: 2016 Merc 115hp CT
Join Date: Aug 2013
Posts: 1,268
Welcome to the forum!

Michigan was my old stomping ground...

Post some pictures of the beast?

I agree with jyasaki, these days, a big single is a better investment.
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