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Rib Shared Ownership - Med

If anyone is seriously interested in shared ownership of 6mtr to 8mtr ribs in Spain & the Islands please let me know.....

Emphasis would be on a single supplier with configurations that meet the needs of the owners, ideally available at a few locations.

I have just spent a bit of time trawling around and am struggling to find anyone that does it..... without ripping the arse out of it... commercially

6 to 8 owners per boat is the optimum with a couple of boats per location.

im happy to fund a fleet if enough serious interest is showed.... but im not interested in them operating commercially when not in use by owners, as this wrecks them very quickly, i can easily organise "gardinage" for each location.

Anyone any thoughts on either existing operations or ideas?

Back of fag packet: £5000 share + £150 month + fuel ish

I would do a proper business plan if enough people thought it a goer - then pay Ribnet lots of cash to advertsie it

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Originally Posted by nikster View Post
then pay Ribnet lots of cash to advertsie it
Oh, I'm sure we can come to an arrangement!


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Hi Nick,
Sounds like something we already do here, we use Scorpion's... Perhaps a fleet elsewhere?
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good idea, there´s lots of smaller RIBs here used for diving, watersports, sunbathing etc. Not too many 6m + ones as storage is expensive, well same price as UK in the marina which in local money is expensive.

If you need any prices or info on slips/bays/waterside cafes/marina prices please email. A few people from this site have asked about keeping RIBs out here & looking at UK weather updates I can see why, fuel is 70p per litre.

I let property on the mainland so if anyone has a boat & nowhere to stay then get in touch, flights are usually sub 100 GBP return & only 2 hours.

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