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Country: UK - England
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Towing ringos etc behind a SIB

Does anyone tow a ringo or similar inflatable water toy behind their SIB? If so, what size is it and how do you attach it? Can you still plane with it being towed? (I assume so otherwise it would be a rather boring ride!) I have a 4.2m SIB with a 20hp engine and was thinking of a one man ringo.


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Country: UK - Scotland
Town: north ayrshire
Boat name: charlie girl
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Length: 10m +
Engine: 40hp 2st 2x6lp 315
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Hi we used to tow a ringo behind a 2.9m sib with a 9.9 and our kids had great fun with it yes it did plane and when you turned and got the ringo on the outside of the turn it could get a bit hairy for them we also have played with our friends 3.8m bombard aerotec with a 25hp and i could waterski behind it & i'm 6'4" so you should have no problem with your ringo with your boat..Enjoy!!

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It's possible with a 20hp motor (I have the honwave setup) but it takes a while to get on the plane with heavier riders (I'm 14st an I sometimes have to 'bounce' up and down to gain momentum). Once it's there though you can have some good fun. Watch out for too much weight in the boat and play with the balance to get the best out of it.

Here's a link to the first time we took it out
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I tow a very big (72" di) behind my 3.8m with a 15hp on it no problem!
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