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Hi Everyone. I have been looking for a boat for sometime and finally pulled the trigger on what I thought would be suitable setup. That and the price was right.

I bought a zodiac mk 2 heritage classic. Came with everything but motor. Initially I was thinking I would break it down as needed or at the least beginning and end of every season. I'm confused about a few things having never owned a sib before.

Will water always be under floor board?
Is breaking down a remote setup really feasible?
I have transom wheels and planned on not trailering it as I live on a marsh. Is keeping on a trailer in winter storage better though?

Thanks for the input. I haven't seen many other setups similar (maybe there is a reason for that!) although futura with console is comparable, and a bit confused about some things.


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Country: UK - England
Town: East Anglia
Boat name: Nimrod II
Make: Aerotec 380
Length: 3m +
Engine: Yamaha 15Hp 2-stroke
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Hi Rob and welcome to the forum. Have you really just bought one of these? If so it looks like it was designed to be left set up on a trailer. What sort of motor are you thinking of getting?


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I already got it for better or worse! Hopefully for better at least a few years anyway.

The console and seating is very easy to remove. The floor is much more of a pain than I realized though and the aluminum with synthetic teak floor didn't sound have but the unmentioned marine plywood is a lot heavier than I was expecting.

It is rated for 40hp but went with 25. I thought 20 would be enough and more portable but was sold on the you never can have enough hp mentality. I'm fairly strong.. And stubborn so setup and moving around with transom wheels was doable but not a ton of fun.

My initial thoughts were to setup for season leave at clothesline mooring and breakdown at end but have heard differing opinions on that.

Any insight is appreciated!
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