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Advice neede on new SIB

My 13 year old son is a keen marine cadet and got into sailing last year,he has been using a small Bombard AX3 with a 3.5 Tohatsu outboard to play around on Lake Winderemere.
I am now looking to upgrade him as I have a good Honda 5hp four stroke outboard hidden away from him and would like to buy him another boat to put the Honda on.We travel up the lakes which is only 20 mins away in the van so need something we can fit in the van and inflate on site.His mate has a Honwave 2.7 and also has a 5hp on it and that seems to do the job and go well for him.
I like the look of Honwave but am thinking of an air deck for him and wondered if a 2.4 or 2.7 will be better for him with the Honda 5 on the back?,is there a lot of difference?
Also what other makes can you recommend that would be good,he really likes the Honwaves as they look big tubes but not sure myself as have limited experience and have seen lots of different boats on the net for sale.
I don't want to get him the wrong one and I want him to enjoy the boat and it would have to have my 5hp Honda on it.Any advice on how it would perform and whether to go for 2.4 or 2.7m or even is the air deck the best option.It needs to be as light as poss as we carry boat to launching area from car park then fit outboard on it.
I'm open to any advice and have a budget of around 800 for a new inflatable.Thanks.

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Honwave air floor sounds perfect for your use. They are great boats and brilliant value. Every extra 30cm makes an inflatable feel bigger/safer and assuming you and or his mates will want to go out with him I'd buy within reason the largest you could manage. a 2.7 for sure or perhaps a 3.2 as they only weigh another 5kg.

If you bought used it's very likely a Honwave 3.2 would have transom wheels already fitted which would save the carry.

Bit like this outfit that sold for 650...

A 5hp should plane one up but probably not two up.
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