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3.2 with Solid Hull or Soft Hull

I have been searching about and have the urge to add a small solid hull Rib to me fleet to try with either my 9.8,15 or 20 hp outboards. I was wondering if anyone has both soft hull and solid hull in this sort of size and what the difference in performance is like. I know how it is with a larger boat with solid hull but was interested at the small size. This would be kept on a trailer all the time or at a dingy park

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As a general rule, out on the water, a RIB gives better performance than a SIB. The advantages of a SIB are mainly related storage when out of us, transport without a trailer, and carrying by hand across areas where a trailer can't go.

So if you're using a trailer all the time, you are foregoing all or most of the key advantages of a SIB. If you can afford a RIB, that's probably the way to go.

Note, however, the RNLI use both RIBs and SIBs, and they know a thing or two about small boats in extreme conditions. A SIB has some advantages in very shallow water. It draws less water at low speed and arguably the hull is less likely to be damaged by an impact with a rock.

However, if you go for a RIB you will be tempted to go for remote steering, a console, and so on, losing quite a lot of floor space.

Of course, there are the indefinable and completely subjective aspects of fun and character. I've spent time on RIBs and SIBs and find a SIB with tiller steering the most fun.
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