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Trailer wheel bolts

I just tried to loosen my trailer wheel bolts, fortunately in the comfort of the boat yard & not at the roadside in an emergency. Anyway, after only 1 year & c 15 immersions in the warm med sea I was jumping on the spanner to get them loosened, the wheel brace was useless.

I managed it & smothered them all in grease before putting them back on. The water ingressed & corroded to about half the length of the bolt. I reckon in an emergency at the roadside it would have to have been a callout.

I donīt know if all bolts are the same but a 19mm ring spanner got more leverage than a wheel brace which kept slipping off the bolt.

Hope it helps.

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carry one of those cheap extendable wheel brace tools. The extra bit of leverage does the trick and if you have a jack that actually fits the trailer and not just the tow vehicle so much the better. A set of plasters for your knuckles is always a good idea too

Dave M
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during my life I have found many uses for a piece of scaffolding toob, but since I found Buddism I just keep one for us as a torque amplifier. I find the extra leverage allows me to exert a more controlled effort as opposed to getting in their and grunting it out.

Ring spanners are usually better than wheel braces on these occasions but a periodice checking/greasing of the trailer is better still. There is now also a spray/freeze loob on the market which is supposed to be nifty. I bought some but so far haven't used it
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Snap On 36" Knuckle Bar 1/2" drive

I have bought one of these for use on my trailer along with a few Snap On sockets.
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I use anti-corrosion spray (Boeshield T9, Corrosion Block, etc.) on lug studs and nuts. Seems to work OK for the threads that are actually engaged; doesn't do a whole lot for those that are exposed, though (more frequent application would probably go a long ways, but there's a lot of other stuff calling for attention on my boat...)

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Grease up the threads with water resistant grease and follow up the normal nuts with another set of nuts to keep the treads good. Works fine for me.
Originally Posted by wavelength
..carry one of those cheap extendable wheel brace tools.
Yup, that works for me too but take care not to evertighten the nuts when fitting them.
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