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Originally Posted by jsbman View Post
Hello Nos4r2

Your right, but then I didn't come looking for RIBnet, I found postings (Google search) referring to the JSB HUBLOCK from RIBnet forum members.
When I looked at the postings I found people giving their advice on how to protect boats and trailers. I know this is always done with best intentions, but it is based on personal opinions and is often unqualified.
It is obvious that theft is a big problem and a major concern to boat/RIB owners, who are advised to fit wheel clamps, hitch locks, ground anchors, security posts etc., and owners must meet insurance requirements.
We know from personal experience that these devices can be removed in less than 30 seconds by thieves using oxyacetylene cutting gear.
For our own purposes we have looked at the problem, drawn our own conclusions, and have come up with our own solution.
We have Sold Secure's Gold Award but our own testing is far more severe.
In fact we don't produce units for boat trailers, only for caravans, so we are not signed up as trade members.
I do think forum members will find this information of interest, especially ones who have had boats and trailers stolen, and perhaps they may have some interesting comments.

So they don't work on boat trailers then?

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So we're to assume that as he obviously doesn't have anything to gain from plugging his product (4 times now+however many PM's he's sent)then he shouldn't have to stump up for trade membership even though others do? <Sarcasm mode=Off>
Need spares,consoles,consumables,hire,training or even a new boat?

Please click HERE and HERE and support our Trade Members.

Join up as a Trade member or Supporter HERE
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Originally Posted by Nos4r2 View Post
That was a bit of blatant self-promotion-and for the 3rd time...! Looks like you need to sign up as a trade member.
Not only that, but the site he touts doesn't work.


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