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Trailer Rigging

What is the optimum position for a boat on a trailer?

We had a bigger 4 stroke fitted to a 5.5 metre boat and to reduce nose weight the bow snubber was pushed back. Clearly boat overhang at rear has incresed leading to it tipping if there are 2 people standing in the stern when its on its trailer

Axle was moved also to get nose wieght correct and trailer trimable by moving a smaller load inside. Is there an accepted protocol for changies like this i.e. bow as far forward or back as possible then adjust axle? or does it matter as long you can make it balance.

New boat is here, very happy!
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Trailer balance

I try to set up a trailer so that the rollers support the hull properly - ie the hull does not overhang the rear of the last roller.

Then the axle should then be moved to get a suitable nose weight.

With the last two trailers the axle has been almost in the correct position and I have not bothered to move them. With the Avon the noseweight is very light but putting the anchor in the bow helps. With the scorpion the noseweight is heavy. But with an old Range Rover to tow it it's not a problem.

I think that about 25kg to 50kg is a good noseweight to aim for.

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It needs to be as far forward as is sensible. Having a 4x4 with a side opening door I need a lot of space, but work it out for your rig. The axle needs to move forward or back the same distance you move the winch post/snubber.

Dont forget to check the rollers nearest the stern havent rolled out the back of the boat, they're a bugger to get back under the keel/transome.

The resulting nose weight should be within the specification of your vehicles. Usually 50Kg for a car or 75Kg for a 4x4. I find a weight of about 30-40 Kg is excellent for stability but hard work hitching on and off.

It really is something that has to experimented with. Too light and the trailler can tip up with someone in and could be difficult to tow due to snaking. Too heavy and it makes manouvering off the car hard work.

Sensible advice is to start heavy and work towards lightening the nose until you are happy.

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