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Trailer Disc brakes

Does anyone have any experience with disc brakes on trailers? I've no experience with brakes on trailers - old boat SR4, was'nt braked.

Every trailer you see, the drums look very rusty along with the control lines.

I,ve read else where here ,that discs can also present problems..

Any experiences would be usefull....

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We take all our Bayliners with American made Karavan disc brake trailers and they are performing a lot better than the European trailers.

If I where going for a trailer I would definately go for disc brakes

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Do you frequently dunk them in the sea, Bogi?
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Disk Advantages:

Easier to rinse. Easier to replace friction media. Easier to visually inspect.

Disk disadvantages:

May need a lock-out of some type to back trailer. Possibility of warping if dunked while hot. Tend to run hotter than drum brakes.

For pretty good information, try

If you dunk in salt water, make sure to get either coated or stainless rotors (stainless has something of a reputation for warping.) Ideally, your calipers would be something other than mild steel, as well.

OTOH, I've got drums on my trailer. No problems, yet...

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I looked into discs seriously a year or so back, and agree they should be better.

I couldn't find a way to run them legaly because of the auto reverse legislation we have in the UK, except using an electronic line lock system linked into the reversing lights on the tow vehicle.

And before sombody else brings it up, I'd like to remind everone of my stance regarding the insurance(Or lack of it) consequences of running an illegal trailer.

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I had disc brakes on my yacht trailer (before I converted to RIBing). They were easier to clean, but I was told that they were not type approved by the Department of Transport (2003), however they were superior. The other problem I found was they really did not work when wet!!!!!
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Disc Brakes

If any are interested. Rapide (dixon bate) have an option on some of their trailers for disc brakes.

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