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The day I get my brain replaced with a cauliflower

Been looking at trailers recently. As most manufacturers are based down south I thought I'd pop into my local Indespension Branch to price a Rollercoaster with the view that if anything went wrong they are just up the road and not 400 miles away. I was aware that they are a wee bit unrealistic with their pricing. I was gobbed smacked however to find out just how unrealistc. A basic trailer with nothing as standard comes in at between 300 to 400 quid more than the competition. I nearly wet myself when the geezer also mentioned that I would have to pay a further £95 for delivery. No I'll pick it up I said. No we mean delivery to here from our wharehouse down south. WHAT!!! I have to pay for you to transport the trailer to your depot? Then buy it off you.
So will I be buying a Rollercoaster? Refer to title of post.

Looks like De Graff or SBS or similar. Can drive down, uplift, get all extras and still save 100's of pounds.

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No need to worry about using a local supplier. Trailer components are made by a handful of manufacturers and a lot are interchangeable. All that stuff can be sent to you, in any case.

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I think you win the competition for best subject line.

Luck with you search for a trailer.

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Thought about Brenderup?

I use this place all the time and his (Karl - director) service is top notch.
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Won't they haggle?

Will normally give 20% off if you ask hard enough.

Have bought 3 roller coasters and been very happy with them.

Is it a branch that normally deals with boat trailers? - if not they may be recommending a trailer bigger than you need and appearing to be expensive.

A RIB will only need a trailer with a length capacity of about a metre shorter than a similar overall length hard boat.
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Try Nicholson trailers in Carnforth, Lancs good guy to deal with, i have 4 all with no probs ! bit nearer than south coast
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I suspect I had a similar conversation with the same branch about 2 years ago...

Autow in Perth are a Snipe dealer, although they rarely have the boat trailers in stock as they tend to deal more with the agricultural market. I assume tey now deal with Mersea trailers, but haven't been near them since Snipe were bought by them.

Usual disclaimer about just being a satisfied customer......

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