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Snipe trailer brake shoes

I've just checked the brakes on my Snipe trailer and found that they are completely worn to nothing so since this is the first time I've had to get these shoes I went to a Snipe dealer to order these. Got quoted 50 + vat for each side and that didn't include delivery.....must be gold plated or something!

I don't really want to pay this for a set of brake shoes so was wondering if anyone out there know whether Snipe use a common make of car wheel hub that I can give to an Autoparts shop and order a set of shoes at a fraction of this price?

Trailer details are as follows:

Snipe R17-950
Axle - 165x13x8 AVON


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brake shoes

try, Here, about 50 a pair.


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Hi I am the equipment officer with a sub aqua club so I have to sort this type of thing, same as u put off by the price, had a word with one of out truck fitters at work, he took them to one of the truck brake parts supplier for me, and asked them to have them relined, think it cost about 20.00, if they have worn out as bad as u say they must have been binding, common prob.

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b****y outrageous prices - but the same on Hallmark trailers which I have. Problem with trying to find a comparable shoe is that you need the auto reverse bit on one shoe with the bit that slides over the shoe spine (if thats the right description). You might want to look at your cables whilst you're at it. If they get water settling in the curve they tend to rust and seize (which might be why the linings have gone). I have mine tied up loosely with shockcord to the axle to keep the curve of the cable upwards so water does not settle in there (hopefully!). Be taking it all apart when things quieten down a bit to clean and grease the bits that used to slide when I put it all back last time but which are probably rusting together into a solid lump at the moment! Oh bliss
Dave M
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