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Not going to undo this with an adjustable...


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You are.... just a very big one!

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If it makes you feel any better, just doing up the wheel nuts on my little Daf LF 45 lorry requires me to tighten them to 370nm

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I remember seeing some guys at Bell Helicopter torquing a Jesus Nut (the thing that holds the rotors on) on an AH-1S Cobra. One guy held a humongous socket on the nut, while another guy was about 15 feet away on a ladder, pushing the end of the torque wrench.

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Every so often I have to assemble a stator/s that are 1m in diameter and weighs about 750Kg's, it requires compression to a pre torque of 400Nm then baking to 200C and then a final torque to 550Nm. Wouldn't be so bad but there are 48 Nuts to torque and the last one's to be assembled was last summer. We need at least 3 people to take turns in doing this and it's a real arm, shoulder, back, leg....everything killer! And we had two to do, but on different days

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