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Country: USA
Town: CA
Make: Zodiac RIB-P
Length: 7m +
Engine: Suzuki 250
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Looking for a new trailer in USA

My trailer is the one thing I really don't like so I've been shopping for a new one. Wow, $6k-$8k for a 6-8k lbs aluminum trailer!! Yikes. It sucks living in the sticks, Nearest trailer guys are 4 hours away.

So the next argument is the trailer guys don't want to put bunks under my engine bracket and outboard ??? I have 600lbs hanging 2 feet off the back and that's ok? Not sure what's up with that. Got somebody excuse about balance and heavy loads and not having a cross member under the transom where all the weight is.

If I could get a couple bent aluminum I-beams I just build one myself.


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Country: USA
Town: S. Carolina
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I like Magic Tilt trailers, but I'm in the Southeast...

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You can get all the parts from Champion Trailer. Not sure it would be a whole lot cheaper though.

I'd definitely want support under the bracket/outboard.

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Check with some of the boat repair shops, they usually know of used trailers. If your going to be in salt water I'd go aluminum or galvanized only. Here in Colorado I see lots of good used boat trailers that sell for hundreds...not thousands.

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