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Erde or Daxara trailer

Hi guys, I have been looking for a small trailer for behind my small car, both the above companies do approx 120cm trailers. I need to go out to the garage and do some measuring of the motor and zodiac packed up...however both trailers seem pretty similar except the Erde has a slightly higher g.w about 400kg compared to 365kg on the daxara.

Max weight I would have I guess tops is about 150kg so weight no problems, just wondered if anyone had any real world experience with either brand or knew any pros or cons with each.

The towcar is my trusty Yaris t-sport which is actually able to fit the motor, boat, fuel tank, trolley, bravo pump and all my gear in as well, I would really like to be able to leave it all in a trailer in the garage so I could just hitch up and roll.

If anyone has any contacts for a cheap trailer

Many thanks Nick

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I have one of the slightly larger Daxara ones. Takes a 6' pool table just. It has the big plastic lid which is great for securing the load. Rear panel will detach if you need to take something longer like a kayak. Front comes off too. The main beams are made from quite thin pressed steel (it comes as a flat pack I think) but its pretty solid enough.

Have two roof bars on the lid to hold 4 MTBs. Can lift the lid with them on to get inside. Needs a pole to keep it there though. Struts can only hold 2 bikes up.

Lights are nicely protected within the rear assembly.

No rust after 4 years outside.

Takes a bit of getting used to when reversing. Hides behind the car and then flips out really quickly if you are a bit slow. If you can reverse this, any other trailer is a cinch.

Once the wheels are balance properly it will tow at any speed. Light enough to not feel it. Just heavy enough so that it is rock steady.

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I have a Caddy Trailer from Towsure - Caddy Trailers - Easy to Assemble Flat-Packed Galvanised Trailer Kits

It was the best value at the time and after 5 years is still going strong.

South West Boat Transport
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Used to sell Daxara trailers. Both are made by the same company in France; Erde were branded for Halfords and Daxara were branded for Indespension.

They're pretty much similar bits of kit (for the above reason!), but the Daxara is usually better spec'd and you can get more after market parts for them (as Richard's demonstrated).

However, there's loads of manufacturers on the market now (as SWRC says above), so deffo shop around.
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