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damaged rib hull from trailer

I have a 5.9 M Rib which has some damage ( Pressure cracks) on the part of the fibreglass hull which was being supported by the trailer mounts, ( the trailer does not have rollers). how can I protect the hull from future damage and then some advice on how to go about repairing the damaged hull.

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Your hull has cracks from sitting on bunks? That's not good.

Bunks typically support the hull more evenly than rollers, so should cause much less damage (pressure is spread out over a much larger area.)

To prevent further damage, you could add a more support (i.e. a second, or even third) row of bunks along each side); make sure the main load-bearing bunks extend beyond and support the transom.

Make sure your boat doesn't collect rainwater while sitting on the trailer (I raise the front and leave all the plugs out); collected water can add a *lot* of weight that needs to be supported.

As to repairing what damage is there, well, I'd say take it in to reputable shop and see what they say. I think finding out why the hull was damaged in the first place should be a priority, though.



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I would be very concerned about cracks appearing from just sitting on the trailer. I would get the hull checked out for it's integraty.

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