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Originally Posted by Fender View Post
PD, due to the 100% accuracy and success rate of Uncle Alberts info can you get a message to him via Del boy, Boycey and Trigger - wouldn't mind a tip on the Euro-millions draw tonight, PM me!!

Ill have a word, hes probably about as accurate as the experts that are doing the modelling (read glorified guesswork). Youd probably be better off going down onto Whitby harbour & letting Gypsy Rosa Lee read your earwax
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I would agree with everyone's perspectives and views. We finally heard from our Governor about a state wide stay at home order.

For me, this should have been put in place last week. But whats really disturbing is the amount of people out on CA and FL beaches. It's just insanity.


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I'v had to take my holiday backlog this week before our year end...really weird to be "on holiday" this week - especially as I work in a key sector!

on the upside the boat is still on the drive, not 100 miles away at the marina, so can at least send time on various little jobs and give tubes unscheduled clean / coat of protector.

I think leisure boating is out for a while....but if I had a hard boat or was a WAFFI with berths etc. not a bad place to self isolate a few miles off the coast - unless another big storm blows in
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As of midnight tonight Weds. 25/03/2020, here in New Zealand the government is putting the country in full lock down for 28 days and boating is verboten.
The govt does not want to endanger the coast guard crews due to stupidity.

Its a no go.
Take care!

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