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Carson ribs – ctruk marine services ltd & alnmaritec collaboration

Carson RIBs and CTruk, with sister company, Alnmaritec recently announced their newly formed collaboration. Globally renowned boat builders CTruk are expanding their production to build a range of RIBs for commercial, military and leisure customers with designs ranging from 4.5m to 15m. Branded ‘Carson-CTruk’, the new RIBs are available in either vacuum infused composite or aluminium construction.

The range includes open deck models, cabin variants and full wheelhouses. Traditionally Carson RIBs have gone to professional operators but some models in the new line-up are ideally suited as superyacht tenders and luxury cruisers.

Carson RIBs was started in the early 1980s and are highly respected and recognised for being innovative and fast heavy-duty boats. Occupying a niche sector in the market they have been widely used in the commercial and military sectors in over twenty countries worldwide. With operations from the Arctic to the Antarctic, Carson’s have been used for diving, rescue, military, paramilitary, commercial & environmental operations to name but a few with many leisure enthusiasts also enjoying the benefits of ownership. Most models are capable of speeds exceeding 50kts and thanks to class leading high payload can also provide long-range capabilities. Carson RIBs are renowned for their innovative design features, exceptional strength, seakeeping, dry ride and good handling characteristics.

CTruk’s global success in the offshore sector spanning decades has been based on an innovative approach to design and build. It follows their quest for continuous improvement and for pioneering solutions tailored specifically to the challenges of its clients. The infused composite hull RIBs are being built at CTruk’s 5-acre state of the art facilities in Colchester and the aluminium hull RIBs at CTruk’s sister company Alnmaritec. With their extensive facilities and highly skilled workforce CTruk have the capacity to build high volume numbers of RIBs to any size with completed vessels qualified to ISO 9001:2015 Certification, IACS (Lloyds/BV etc.), MOD, CE Certification or MCA Coding. All RIBs are constructed using modern infusion methods in accordance with the latest Bureau Veritas regulations with "Green" laminates to the latest IACS approved Sicomin InfuGreen Bio-Epoxy infusion resin and ArmaForm PET foam cores which are made of 100% recycled PET. This infused sandwich construction is lighter and stronger than traditional hand lay-up.

Standard inflatable tubes use construction methods pioneered by Carson in the 1980s and now adopted by many military forces. Mechanically fastened to the hull, they are radio frequency welded (RF) using tough polyurethane fabrics (PU) with an added outer protective skin also of PU for maximum abrasion resistance, reliability and longevity. Other tube materials can be specified including foam filled, also pioneered by Carson since the 1980s.

Bringing the two brands together combines a wealth of experience with decades of proven pedigree offering customers a complete and seamless integrated service second to none.

To assist customers attractive finance packages are also offered.

For more information; and

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Country: UK - England
Town: Southampton
Make: Carson
Length: 10m +
Join Date: Sep 2012
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THE ULTIMATE BOAT for all seasons and many reasons – whether for offshore operations or private explorer Carson-Ctruk RIBs is the professional choice with models up to 15 metres and now also NEW leisure models. All boats are built to the very highest industry standards that few can offer and comply to ISO 9001: 2015 Certification, IACS (Lloyds/BVA, etc.), MOD, CE Certification or MCA Coding using the latest green infusion laminates or aluminium backed with a highly professional team with a proven history supplying numerous commercial and military boats worldwide to the most discerning clients. From design through to build and hand-over, training and customer support we make your new boat experience the ultimate package. Recently expanded facilities including 5 axial robots and world leading infusion moulding procedures mean we now have additional build slots for delivery in early 2022. We also offer attractive finance packages to help get you afloat.

All CARSON RIBs come as standard with features tested and proven over four decades:

· - Proven innovative and unique design features tested in numerous professional operations
· - Proven safety, seaworthiness and superior all round handling
· - Proven stable and level planing attitude for improved control and forward vision
· - Proven excellent directional stability and superior grip in turns
· -Proven exceptionally dry riding hull designs keep the crew dry and comfortable
· -Proven build quality for maximum strength, reliability and longevity (many over 30yrs old)
· - Proven in the world’s most demanding environments from the Poles to the Tropics
· -Proven in numerous commercial and military operations worldwide
· -Proven high load carriers with larger deck areas make operations easier and safer
· -Proven outstanding performance: higher speeds with less horsepower (some over 70kts)
· -Proven good fuel economy for longer range, lower costs and care of our environment
· -Proven foam or inflatable tubes technology using RF welded heavy-duty PU fabrics
· -Proven mechanical coller attachment for max. strength, longevity and easy maintenance
· -Proven professional background in dealing at the highest levels

Phone: +44 (0) 1206 302 088

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