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Originally Posted by Pikey Dave View Post
Interesting, what are you actually "T" ing together? GPS/VHF/? I thought you could only have 1 talker & 1 listener per circuit unless you had a multiplexer.
For NMEA 0183 1 talker - 3, possibly 4 listeners depending on cable lengths.

Obviously for NMEA2000, needs to be T'eed in - usually easiest to find next nearest T connector and connect alongside that rather than break the cable and use field-installable terminators, unless it's a really long run.

My preference is simply good quality adhesive-lined heatshrink crimps. For small wires, bare a long end and double or triple fold to ensure plenty of material inside the crimp.

For flexibility but perhaps not long-term reliability, you can use terminal blocks as long as cables/block are supported, wire ends are tinned and the whole lot is in dry locker or in a glanded box. Top tip for terminal blocks and small wires is to use the ones with a leaf or wire protector that clamps down the whole gap rather than just a screw that always seems to miss.

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