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Yamaha Black Stainless Props

Hi, I have a F115 and interested in the performance gains from fitting a stainless prop and am interested in the black stainless steel on from Yamaha, anylone know much about this, is it worth getting or saving a little more for the shiney one!! Thanks, Andrew

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The black stainless props are regular stainless, unpolished, and painted to hide the unpolishedness, if you will. (At least, that's the most prevalent rumor.)

I do not believe they are better or worse than any other stainless prop on the market, but are most likely a tad pricier as they're coming from Yamaha rather than a third-party.


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As I am about to take delivery of a new Yammie, I was just reading about these in some of Yamaha's literature. The black props (which is what I have now) are a slightly "lesser" grade of stainless and thus, a little thicker. My assumption is that one might gain .0003 knots by getting the shiny jobby for $500 more...

According to a dealer I spoke with, the black ones have a much lower theft rate!
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The difference has nothing to do with wether or not it's black or polished stainless. Blade design, pitch, diameter, cupping or not and many other aspects of a prop plus what you require a prop to do for you plays a major factor. I have the Black 19" pitch prop on my 115 Yamy as well which I use for heavy loads with the family or patrolling the waterways. Another prop I use is a polished stainless cleaver 23" pitch by 13-1/4" dia. which I run with the engine jacked up.
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