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Yamaha 115f

Have had my set up in the shop for about two weeks now. It went in loosing power under load, tick over smooth. They are now saying they think its one of the valves sticking but haven't compression checked it. is there any other things it could be
Any help or pointers given great fully received

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sounds a bit concerning diagnosing sticking valves without doing a compression test! basics first! Also there is no such thing as sticking valve, a valve not seating is more likely hense pressure test, or leak back test.
Check the throttle position indicator is set correctly.

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Bunch of things it could be. Kind of hard to figure out exactly what from a one post description on the Internet, though.

Who is "they" that are diagnosing the problem without looking at it? And if they're diagnosing, why *haven't* they looked at it?

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