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Water separator

I noticed a problem with a clear thick liquid appearing inside the console. I rules out a fuel leak as there was no small and the liquid was too thick to be petrol.

It turned out to be a leak from the seal of the water separator, that is mounted inside the console (although I'm not sure the petrol changed into this gluttonous liquid).

I'm not sure whether this is something that can naturally work loose over time, or whether kit (e.g. daysack with spare clothing) stored in the the console may have knocked it in some rough water. If the latter is there any suitable simple protection I could put around it or is the answer just to routinely check the tightness of the securing screws on the filter bowl - something I haven't done up until now.

I don't want to move the filter from its original position - although I do wonder whether being mounted on the transom close to the engine would have been a better place than inside the console.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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Are you sure it was leaking. I've seen salt-wet aluminium corrosion look like a white gel.
Just a thought? My Delphi filter is in the engine well, safer for spills when you're changing it but it takes a bit of weathering.

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Any gas that escaped would evaporate, leaving only oil (assuming it's a 2-stroke) which should be a definite amber color. If it's a 4-stroke, it should evaporate completely.

If it's clear and thick, it's probably not fuel.

A sniff should determine whether it's fuel related or otherwise.

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