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Country: Canada
Town: sidney b.c.
Make: Hurricand 630
Length: 6m +
Engine: Suzuki DF 225
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suzuki df 140

Looking at putting one of these on a 5.5 m Zodiac pro 550. does any one have any ideal what fuel economy to expect (Liters per n mile) as well are there any problems with the motor that any one has experienced? Every thing i have read has been very positive, looking forward to your replies. Chris

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Country: UK - England
Town: Bristol
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Fuel usage will depend on your usage and the boat.

Fitted to my 5.85 Ribcraft then cruising will get me better than a litre a mile.

Superb engine, very quiet. No problems to date.


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Old 25 September 2003, 11:10   #3
Country: Ireland
Town: Cork
Boat name: Iago
Make: Cobra
Length: 5.8
Engine: Mariner 90 4-stroke
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Just out of interest, do you find the 550 underpowered with the F100? I would have thought that you have a pretty ideal setup as is. Without knowing the details of the DF140, I imagine it's a heavy lump of an engine.

Just curious...
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The F100 is only around 10kg less in weight than the DF140 Suzuki engine if I remember right.

I don't think you'd have any speed loss issues on a 5.5m rib with the 140 Suzuki somehow, and also since the boat is smaller and no doubt lighter, you'd probably get better mpl than I do by some way.

I've had no mechanical problems with my engine at all to date. During the first service, the engine wouldn't give the local Suzuki dealer any information without a software upgrade, which did take a long time to get right, but was fixed in the end, and showed no problems at all.

Fuel consumption is damn good, and the engine itself is dead quiet when idling, and really not much noisier when cruising, or even at WOT. As I pasted in another thread, goto for an idea of performance stats and fuel useage data.

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Country: USA
Town: Seattle
Boat name: Spirit Seeker
Make: Bombard 730
Length: 7.3
Engine: Suzuki 140
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I Love My Suzuki 140

I've got about 100 hours on mine and have had zero problems with it. At 4500 rpm (which makes my boat go at 23 knots) it burns about 5 - 6 gallons per hour. At this point there is nothing I would change about it.

I bet your 550 is lighter than mine so you should have even better fuel efficiency than I can get. Also Suzuki makes all the Evinrude and Johnson engines. They are the same internal working engines, so you won't have problems finding parts.

If you want to look mine over and try her out, we can likely get together since you are near Seattle.

Call me at 206-368-5648
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