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Sooz TPS Wiring? - DT25/30/55/60

Can anyone shed light on the Suzuki Throttle Position Sensor wiring as fitted to early 90’s DT25/30/55/60? –The Clymer Manual I have has contradictory info, and if my theory is correct, I have a knackered TPS

The “sensor test” section of Clymer implies there are 4 wires coming out the sensor as follows:
3 to a black plug (black / red stripe, light green / red stripe and black.) and a fourth separate
black wire with a crimped washer type connection.

Now, my Sensor on the engine agrees with the wiring diagram at the back of Clymer, namely as above, but no black wire to the 3 pin plug. (Plug still a 3 –pin, but the centre Black wire is not there, nor is the pin on either the sensor or the loom, and the space is filled with sealant)

My question is – can anyone confirm whether the two black wires on the “4 wire” sensor are connected together inside the sensor? The test described uses the 3 pins of the plug leaving the "foutrth wire" free, and so I assumed I could use the “free” black cable on mine to do the test instead of the black in the plug. This is on a '93 vintage DT25, I suspect an earlier incarnation of the TPS was used on something that required both a dedicated and “global” earth connection, hence the extra black cable.

I have worked out form the info I have available that the wires appear to be:
Black – Earth
Black / red stripe +V
Light Green / Red stripe - signal to Cdi

If this is correct, then my TPS is gubbed. If not, could anyone enlighten me as to the appropriate test voltages & pins?

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