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Outboard questions. From a life long sailer

Hello and greetings to all;

Iím new to the inflatable world of boating and am looking for a little info.
Well Iíll give you guys a little background first. Iíve been racing lasers and Hobie cats for 10 years, but have little powerboat experience.

Well I now live on the harbor front in Toronto Canada and canít afford the space for a trailer or dock space. This has led me to SIBís. I can then head down to the beach fill and launch. Plus in Ontario we have 4 thousand lakes that are over 3km in diameter.

As I digressÖ

Well Iím considering a Sea Eagle 14 SR
It can hold a 40hp 79kg Outboard.

I will always have myself and at least one other dude for the rigging and launch.

Here are my Questions.

1. Is there any 40 or 30 hp outboards out there that weigh 79kg? I canít seem to find any.

2. What should I look for in a outboard for SIBís? Technically speaking

3. Am I crazy to think I can do a beach launch with a 80kg outboard? I was thinking we would bring the inflated boat down the beach then the outboard.

4. Is a 50km one way trip no problem? If so how big of a fuel cell do I need? My cousin rides his SeaDoo from my parents house across Lake Ontario to my condo which is about 50km one way.

5. Is it better to have one large fuel cell or many small ones.

6. And last but not least Ö for now, I love used cars. They cost so much less for quality products. Is it worth looking at used outboards? Or is this a product best picked up new?

Well thanks for your time, I hope to chat more in the near future


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If you're going to be assembling, inflating and rigging with an engine - then a SIB is definately the way to go. However there has to be a compromise here. A boat with a 40hp, is most likely your top-end set-up, which is trailered and ready to launch.

Because you haven't got the space for a trailer/or afford dock space I would be thinking smaller.

1/ A second hand 2-stroke 30hp is about as big as I'd be prepared to manhandle onto a transom. A Yamaha unit will weigh in at 66kg which is heavy enough. A 40hp 2-stroke is a brute of a thing and will weigh 80-90kg.

You could rig a 30hp 2-stroke to a Zodiac Futura HD Mk2 compact. Nice oversized sponsons, and aluminium sectional floor for rigidity.

2/ How long is a piece of string? You're going to get all sorts of answers here. Technically speaking, a 2-stroke is the way to go. I suppose Canada will have banned imports of new 2-strokes and that only 4-strokes can be purchased from new. 2 strokes are lighter and have more torque in terms of power/weight ratio compared to 4-strokes. For hassle-free boating a unit that has been well cared for with plenty service receipts, is manual start, trim and tilt will pay dividends in long-term. A fuel filter positioned on the transom should reduce fuel contamination (high % of problems are fuel related).

3/ Yes.

4/ 50km or 31 miles is a fair stretch of water. I know that some of the big Canadian lakes have all the properties of an open sea, especially if the wind gets up. It is possible to do this kind of mileage - but a SeaDoo is a different proposition as it has more power and can do the trip in probably half the time.

5/ Most outboards will come with a 5 gallon fuel tank (24 litres). Quite feasible to have another strapped up front for ballast (especially if you're out yourself). As a back-up you could carry an emergency 5 litre tank too. Hope you're not a smoker!!! From a practical point of view - I'd have interchangable fuel hoses that go from the tank to the filter then onto the engine.

6/ Yes. If you can pick up a second hand engine in mint condition -then go for it. Alternatively try and source a new 2-stroke from the States and ship it in.

Hope that's some help.
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