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outboard help oil pump?

1996 Mariner 135. 2 stroke, with 130 hours.
The other day i was driving the boat as normal and it performed flawlessly. Whn i turned on the engine after shutting it down I it began beeping continuously whilst operating. I was a long way up river so i drove back to the pick up point the engine shut off once by itself. I waited ten minutes then drove at 1500 rpm back the temperature needle did not go above halfway.

Is it likely that there is any damage to the engine what is the best course of action should i just replace the oil pump and assume the engine is ok


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Klt, I think there are two warning sounds, one is overheat and one low oil are you sure its the low oil ? V6s don't like running at tickover for long.

Two things I would check and both are quite easy. Compression test the engine which takes about 10 minutes even if a dealer has to do it and if you think there is a heat problem then off with the gearbox and check the water pump.

From memory the compression should be about 120 - 125 psi in good condition, if any are really more than 10 - 15% you have a problem but those are quite tough engines and have been around along time so ppl know how to fix them and spares are available. I ran one with 120 - 110 - 115 on one bank for a year without too much drama it just overheated at slow speeds after a while.

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