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My engine won't stop...

Having got peed off with an early 90's Yamaha-based Mariner-badged 30 Hp I bought a Yamaha one and have transferred starter, etc., across. It starts and runs fine - but won't shut off.

The 'stop' wire is a white one from the CDI unit. The engine should stop when this is shorted to ground - it doesn't.

Could I wire a circuit to short the pulser coil (and would I need a resistor to dump it into) or arrange to put the pulser coil open circuit?

I imagine the white wire shorts something out somewhere inside that potted CDI unit.


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Originally Posted by HughN View Post
My engine won't stop....
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Engines can be strange. In theory the white should stop the engine when grounded. I've never tried so I can't comment. I would try installing a kill switch you know is working to the black/white wires first (at the engine). This eliminates a problem at the rest of the loom. I've never tried shorting the pulsars before, if it happened to me I used the choke to stop. If a new kill switch at the engine works, the fault can be traced to the loom, ignition or kill switch.
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