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Evinrude 175 Flushing adapter

Hi anyone else bought the flushing attachment for an evinrude 175 only to find that more water sprays out of the connectors than actually seems to go through the engine ? I bought the official adapter which came with no instructions and thought I had figured out how to use it but water sprays everywhere. Checked the owners manual and it briefly mentions flushing but again no clear instructions or fault finding guide or warnings.

When buying nearly anything else from any shop it comes with a manual , tells you not to eat it and how it should be used. I am astounded that a very expensive part for a very expensive engine doesn't come with anything at all in the way of meaningful information.

Have googled until I became bored, watched loads of videos on utube and I am none the wiser because none of them were using the same part I have or the same engine.

I think the part has been designed pretty poorly if the pressure relief valve ( hole drilled in the side of it ) is always open. I understand that some kind of pressure restriction is necessary to prevent damage, but would like to read that if I choose in a manual.

Anyone got any useful comments or experience on this matter ?

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you've probably blown the hose off the fitting that passes through the cowl, you need to restrict the water pressure from the tap. Don't waste your time or money, use muffs
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