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Dodgy ebay ad?

Just came accross this on ebay;

Apart from the fact the engines not a fourstroke, seems odd that the fuel lines and control cables have been cut. Stolen?

Mariner 30 4 stroke outboard boat engine | eBay

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No idea but at least he's offering a fair payment timescale. I normally ask for payment quicker than the sellers stipulated "within 24 yrs of auction"

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i dont trust it. no real info given, as though the seller knows nothing about it. no legit reason i can think of for cutting lines or cables.
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Item was removed from auction earlier today. Would definitely give it a wide berth if it reappears at later stage.
Is that with or without VAT?
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Not a 4 stroke either, that's a 30hp 2 stroke outboard. Something fishy going on, that fuel cable 'unclips' very easily. if you know what you're doing.
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Cor well dodgy with them cables cut,no need ,looks took in a hurry ,might be wrong?and E bay ended it, yeh right
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Im thinking more on the lines of salvaged from a written off boat bought in a job lot and popped on ebay. He used his mobile to post the auction so wouldnt be surprised if a few more popped up in the next couple days. I dont think even the dumbest thief would be that stupid to try and sell an outboard he's just nicked on ebay with all the evidence still attached.

But then again theres some really daft people out there
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Old 20 February 2012, 13:28   #8
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If it was salvaged how did he know it "ran perfect" and if he saw it running on the boat then why cut the cables/hoses to remove it when he could have done it properly in a few minutes?
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If it is a salvage, the rest is going for scrap, and you're paid by the ton, it's a h*lluva lot quicker to chomp through with a pair of bolt cutters than carefully disconnect everything if you've twigged you could punt it on ebay for some beer money.

Other than that scenario......

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