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Dead Mariner 40 four stroke

The engine :- 2002 Mariner (Mercury) 40 EFI three cylinder four stroke.
The Problem :- Engine died whilst in use. It will fire very briefly when I try and start it but cut out almost immediately. It will only fire like this if you turn the key back to fully off and try again. If you just turn the key from the run position it will not fire at all. The plugs seem dry if I have been turning it over without it firing and I have checked all the fuel filters. I think given that it will fire but not run on the cold start there must be something wrong with the fuel injection system or ECU but if there is a sensor that might give these symptoms it would be handy to know....

Has anybody come across a fault like this before? I would like to get this boat running without spending a fortune at the dealers but cannot see anything obvious wrong with it....


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Sounds like a fuel pump problem. The fact that it will only start when you switch the key off and then on again will run the pump and let it start for a second. I would want to check the fuel pressure. Dont think it will be a ECU problem.
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