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Can I flush Yamaha 115hp 4 stroke in the water?

I have recently purchased a Ribeye 600 Playtime with a 115hp Yamaha 4 stroke and I have been using almost every day of late so not yet flushed the engine. With September almost here the luxury of boating every day is going to vanish and therefore would like to flush the engine.

The boat is in the Water and have read the manual of how to flush using the flushing point on the side of the engine but was wondering if its ok to do this when the engine is in the water and trimmed down?

I am guessing that the water pressure will just blow through and the fact that you flush without the engine on will mean the impeller wont be trying to also pump sea water through the system?

Thank you in advance!

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Don't bother flushing with the engine trimmed down. Trim it up and flush, works fine. I would do this after every use honestly, the Yam115 in particular has some sensitive oil pan parts which you don't want corroding.

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If you flush in either position, you'll still be getting salt water out of the power head, so the salt will not crystallize in the water journals. Either position is better than not at all. For a preference, I'd agree with Jack and go for the up position.

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