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Another set back..

We have recently acquired an '79 Avon SR5.4 with a '79 Mercury 80 Thunderbolt, before starting on the boat transom we made sure the engine was a go'er, it turns out its been 10 years since it last ran!

To start with we replaced water pump, fuel pump, plugs, fuel pipes, carbs rebuilt and gave it a general tidy up replacing some of the wiring due to a bad earth to coil 3. The control box was also treated to a strip down, clean up and new IGN barrel and battery leads

Tonight it fired up great, idle was a little high but it ran lovely, I mixed up a slightly oily mix to run it on after lying for so long.

When we tried to give it a little rev and it didnt like it, it started missing and generally not wanting to rise, finger points towards the exhaust gasket and plate, we have water getting into the cylinders.

Now where did I put those sharp drills and tap and die set!!
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