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1999 Johnson's 2 Stoke 15hp Short Shaft - Strip down


You may well have seen the thread I posted a few weeks ago where I used the engine for 15mins and then the piston got stuck.

The engine was stripped down. Inside the engine was really clean, like it's had very little use since a rebuild.

The cause of the melt down
On the end of the conrod where is connects to the crank, there is a conrod cap. The caps were mixed up, ie not paired with the right rod.

On one of the conrods, the two screws holding the cap in place snapped. This in turn shot bearing all over the place.

The other conrod held up OK but you can see it's got the wrong cap on it. It doesn't seat 100% (Though close) and the wear marks line up with the other conrod.

I found this engine on this forum and in the past it looks like it had a major issue and was rebuilt.

What I am going to do...

It's gutting really as I didn't buy it cheap (probably paid more than I should of done), and only had 15min use out of it. So after a lot of thinking I have ordered a new engine block and will attempt to rebuild it with replacement parts. At least this way I will end up with a decent engine that looks good :-).

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