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1980's yamaha 60hp cdi problem

Hello everyone,

Right, my tale of woe!
I bought a 60 hp yammie about a year ago type: 60CE Serial: 6F0-301358 with a view to fitting it to my rib, i bought it having observed it running, revving freely, pumping water well and sounding well.
I only got round to fitting it recently and upon getting it in the water discovered that although it seemed to be running well in neutral throughout the rev range it would stall when in gear when even a small amount of throttle was applied, having chased through the fuel related aspects of the engine and finding nothing amiss, i started to look into the ignition side of things and discovered upon removing the wiring cover (much to my more than annoyance) that a previous owner had fitted an incorrect type of cdi unit (TIAOI-42A?), the wires being butchered and fitted with numerous spade connectors and the unit itself being too small to fit on the two cdi mounting bolt holes. somthing is obviously amiss as there are some wires to/from the cdi that don't even go anywhere anymore, one particularly suspicious example being a white/black striped wire coming from the ignition advancement slider.

this leads me to my three questions

1: does anyone know where i could obtain a correct cdi unit? obviously this being an old engine makes this a seemingly ardous task.

2:faced with the task of putting the wiring back to normal does anyone know what the functions of the six wires coming from the ignition advacement slider are? ( from other posts on this forum i'm led to believe that the slider contains two charge coils and a timing trigger but am not sure) (wires are White/black stripe, White/red stripe, 2x green, brown, and black)

3: lastly i know that the similar vintage mariner 60 with the yamaha block is almost identical mechanically other than the type of cdi fitted, (my yammie having a cdi and another unit called a control unit just below it, the mariner having one single larger cdi unit(even though this larger unit is also stamped as being a yamaha part!) as my dad has one on his boat, and i was wondering would it be possible to fit a mariner cdi unit to my engine?

anyway sorry for the mega post, if anyone can provide any advice at all i'd be most grateful, this episode has gotten me down a bit as i now feel stupid for not having checked the cdi/wiring before i bought the damn thing.

thanks for your time


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Welcome to ribnet!

Mariner have not built their own engiones since Adam was knee high to the proverbial grasshopper, and in the 80s took about a 50/50 of Merc and Yam, so there is a very high chance the CDi will be one of theirs.

The easiest way to check is compare the microfiches here

The exploded diagram pics will givce you a high level "is it a yam or a Merc?" answer, then once established which flavour, you can deep dive the parts lists.

Once you've worked it out, post back as they teneded to use standard wiring colours so if we know it's a Yam or a Merc we can work out what your stripy wire is for...

My initial guess would be that wire is a trigger, and as you open up the spark isn't moving to compensate on one or more cyls, hence the stall. At idle there is almost no load, so it will live with a lot more "out of tune" stuff.

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You can get the cdi from a Yamaha dealer.( I dont think it will be cheap though) They still sell the part you require. You could also buy a Clymer / haynes style manual to help you with all the wiring and anything else.

You can try this company for the cdi for aftermarket ones.
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If you have the exact model number (should be on the serial number label), you can find the OEM Yamaha part number here

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Forget looking for 55 parts its a completely different engine, Yes the hood will fit and the gearbox but nothing else. Different flywheel, stator plate, bigger pistons, head, base gasket. The only engine that was common to that 60 was the 50c. HTH. ps I have lots of tee shirts for sale!
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Hi everyone,

Just to say thanks for the welcome and all the replies, sorry its taken a while, a little time after i posted, life started getting in the way and i had to leave the boat alone for a while!

Anyway long story short it was a mix of problems in the end, the cdi was only getting the signal from one of the two timing sensors on the stator, and hence firing on one cylinder only, this sorted, i had sparks again but still no running on the bottom cylinder unless the engine was kept on choke, so swapped the carbs around and the problem transferred to the top cylinder, took the faulty carb apart for a closer inspection than the first time and found a tiny tiny piece of debris in the jet that takes fuel from the bowl to the slow running ports. this taken care of she now runs like a dream and i can now whizz around reliably at 42mph to my hearts content!! lol, well pleased, makes all the messing about worthwhile!

so thanks again, till next time somthing goes wrong!!


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