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1978 35hp Evinrude model 358B62R - starter lockout / gear selector lockout is weird


I have a 19778 35hp evinrude 2 stroke model 358B62R

It starts well and rinds great and definitely fit's the 'They don't make them like they used to' saying.

There are a couple of things I have not been able to figure on it.. one in particular.

You will see the accompanying picture is useful.

Right - how to explain this?

Short story is that the starter lockout and the stops on the rotating throttle plate and the gear selector lockout 'pole' don't quite work together properly - or at least I don't think they work together properly - you may tell me otherwise.

So now the long story....

The adjuster screw that sits in the top of the gear selector/lockout 'pole' is not original. But it's been out there very carefully.

As you adjust it inwards it pushes on the starter lockout and opens it but once done the gear selector lockout pole also moves 'out' so that the 'stops' on the rotating throttle disk don't contact with the gear 'pole' any more. In other words - you can start it with a lot more throttle on than it needs, or you are supposed to, considering it's in neutral. You can start it on full throttle. Obviously I don't.

At the other end of the scale if you loosen off the adjuster bolt so that the gear lockout 'pole' begins to work then the starter lockout closes up and you can't start it.

There is one very precise position of the adjuster screw where the starter lockout is off and the gear selector lockout is 'KINDA' working and you can start it under those conditions.

Fine ? - well I think not quite. Thats where the KINDA comes in.

You see I think the gear lockout 'pole' is in the wrong position. it's too far 'out' - away from the block. Even when I adjust the screw to just the right position then the only 'over throttle stop' that contacts the gear selector 'pole' is Stop 1 - this is still fast on the engine. I am expecting that the correct starting position for the 'pole' is to be further in and contacting stop 2. This would be a better start / idle position and this is how it's indicated on the throttle handle.

The probably is because of the 'pusher' spring - that you can just see as you look 'past' the top of the gear lockout 'pole' even with the adjuster screw fully off there is no way to get the pole to go that far in towards the block. It can be moved there by fingers and I am sure that is where it is supposed to be in the correct setup.

Because of the paint I am pretty sure that the components are original - apart from the adjuster screw of course but changing that will not help - it just selects the length of thread - any screw will do.

So I am baffled. Is the 'gear selector lockout pole' supposed to go as far in as contacting stop 2 ? is that the correct start position? I don't know - any ideas?

My feeling is that it has been a reluctant starter in the past and this arrangement has been put in to allow it to have more gas on startup and get going easier - but I can't work out how to get it back again.....

That is the question - how to get it back like it should be.

So summary:

Screw too far in - opens the starter lockout but then the stop blocks don't contact the rotating plate - lack of throttle limit in on startup.

Screw too far out - starter lockout activates and even then the throttle stops on the plate only partially work.

Screw 'just so' and the starter lockout is open but the throttle start limit stops still done really connect.

Any help very much appreciated. As I say it runs great so its not the end of the world.

I am aware this is hard to explain - sorry. I think if youve had this kind of engine you will know what I mean but otherwise I am sunk.

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