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I haven't been on many forums but I think the thing we might be missing out on is a section for stuff that has been made for members by other members but without the trade aspect of the forum.

I'm sure that we have all overcome problems in the past which everyone liked but could not necessarily reproduce them ourselves.

The RIB 4 Macmillan project proved that there were people on here that had great ideas and they didn't have to be in the RIB trade to support us.

All I'm saying is that we should let the people with an idea have a go, for example the RIBnet flag idea etc. And if someone else wants to beat it then thats fair game.

I would love to see someone be successful and develop a product on here and go further.

On the Land Rover forum they make grills, on shooting forums that make all kinds of stuff.

So if an idea does well, then they have to increase their membership to "Ribnet Supporter" and if they do really well then move on to "Trade Membership" and thats the goal...

What do you think?
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We've already go one. It's called nugent
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