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Uploading pictures

Here are a few notes to help with uploading pictures.

To keep things from getting out of hand I have set a few limits on file size, and jpeg pictures must come within these dimensions:

Maximum width: 1200 pixels
Maximum height: 1200 pixels
Maximum file size: 325 KB

Update: The forum software will resize your images if necessary, so you can just go ahead and upload them.

Preparing your image files

Save your photos as .jpg files as this gives by far the best balance of file size and quality

At this size, pictures are large enough to show up well but will still fit on the screen and not take forever to download. If you feel that these cramp your style too much then you are welcome to upload pictures to your own web space and post a link to them in your message here.

Most decent graphics software will allow you to resize pictures easily. If you haven't got a program to do this though, there are plenty available to download such as PaintStudio Lite which is free and will do the job easily.

Uploading your pictures

When you have clicked on new thread, post reply or quote as appropriate, scroll down the page to the Additional options section.

Click on the Manage Attachments button and a new window will pop up. Click the Browse button and find the image file on your computer. When you have selected it repeat for other images and click on Upload.

When you submit your message the uploaded files will be attached (although they won't show in the message preview)

Let me know if you have any problems and I'll be happy to help.

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