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life jacket

Couldnt see what section to put this in but....
What are the best life jackets to get? Should I say. Whats the best, cheap life jackets to get.
I dont want self inflating with whistles ets. We will be within swimming distance of shore but want a bit of help keepng afloat.
Loads on Ebay but all so different in style

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I've made these comments in threads recently....

Decide between a kayak style buoyancy aid, foam medium support buoyancy aid/lifejacket or an air cyl inflated lifejacket. I'd have a Google round inc the RNLI info. have to choose your preference based on your confidence... swimming ability... area of operation... experience... and views on personal comfort.

This is my current buoyancy aid towards the end of this thread... it's a 70N and given the factors above and how they apply to me that suits. Gadget boy pockets and places to clip things too! See posts #30/31

You may wish for something completely different.

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Always assume you're not going to be in swimming distance of the shore, because sod's law says the day you fall in will be an offshore wind or the tide will take you somewhere faster than you can swim...or...or...or...

Point is, an emergency won't follow the rules you think you're setting for it.
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Originally Posted by Nos4r2 View Post

Point is, an emergency won't follow the rules you think you're setting for it.

I think this is very true. More often than not swimming for shore may be the worst choice anyway. Donít underestimate how hard it is to swim in any PFD / Lifejacket anyway.

First decision is bouyancy aid (increasingly called a PFD - personal flotation device) which will keep you afloat but not turn you over if unconscious, offers some thermal insulation and wonít be accidentally triggered if you get it wet OR a lifejacket (usually inflatable) which is theoretically safer in that it will turn someone over in relatively calm water in light clothing (higher bouyancy options exist but at considerable expense). If you go lifejacket then go automatic (self inflating) unless you expect to swim in it intentionally.

Considering Nosí point above and the need will be unexpected consider if you need to have your means of calling for help in a pocket or attached to the Jacket. (All proper LJs will come with a whistle attached, whilst you donít think you need one if you take nothing else a £1 whistle would be a wise choice).
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