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ive had the best week of my life

ive been to the following
this week ant i a luckly boy


Just sitting in my office my wife rings and said you B***
how much have you spent on your credit card

phoned Alliance and Leicester some nice preson as spent over 4k on my credit
card they must have cloned it in london then emailed the details for lots of copys to be made

on the 25 july i spent
asda 46.00 in greenwich
milan 890 euros
toulose 1400 euros
naples 520 euros

not a problem sir we will send you a new card with chip and pin

so if chip and pin stops that type use why have they not changed my card last month

so ring your company and change you card to chip and pin


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That's nothing, I once........

stayed the night in the the Sheraton Towers Hotel in London which cost me 345. This included having a suit dry cleaned, room sevice and a pair of swimming trunks charged to the room. Visa immediately refunded the card however, on the very next statement the Sheraton once again billed me 29.99 for a stolen bath robe. This took 6 weeks to claim back.

My Boss once had something like 6k put on his company credit card for various purchases in Egypt. He was asked to produce his passport to prove he he hadn't visited the country. What Visa didn't take into account is that in our game we hold two passports !!!

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my mates brother had his card "cloned" in a london restauraunt - cheeky sods used one of those handheld units, - wiped his account he got it all back but the inconvience was high as he couldnt get a taxi home one night thinking he had in the cashpoint and he was miles from home -

I shred all my bank statements and am very carefull of anyone - its a scary place sometimes
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Wasn't the Austrialian trip with the nights stopover at Sydney and the evening at the opera house not on there then! I suppose that'll be in next months statement .

Serious business, need good card insurance......

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Braqve Electronic World

I had a large 'phantom' electronic withdrawl from my bank account. The bank concerned (which had better remain nameless) admitted immediately it was a 'strange' transaction, and reversed it. I had better not say more, but ANYONE with electronic banking needs to keep a close eye on their statement. Also watch paypal for 'errors'.

BUT it works the other way. Put my card into cash machine in Estonia last year and asked for about 60 in Kroon. Received 600 in Kroons. Very hard to spend that much in Estonia nad Kroons are not wanted much elsewhere! Called my bank, and told them what had happened. They said it was impossible. Expected to see the debit on my statement - but it was for 60. Despite writing a couple of times, I was 540 better off. Went to a couple of charities eventually....
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Over the last few years I've made several POS Switch payments that have never appeared on my statements, reckon I'm over 100 up on the bank at the moment. meant to write and tell them about it but kind of forgot about it, just trusted them to sort it out for me! Now if it had been the other way around....


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