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From a car forum

Originally Posted by Pinkorstink View Post
You might recall me having a bump nearly a month ago? well I still haven't seen her since Direct line arranged collection for the repair. They booked her into a repair centre who went bust a couple of weeks ago and now the car apparantly belongs to the administrators. No update, no calls, they said it's between me and the garage. I told them I had better report the car stolen and incriminate Direct Line in the theft and low and behold a hire car comes to my door. They are now busting a gut to get things resolved but it's changed my opinion of Direct Line and their aftercare.

Lesson here folks is make sure it goes to your insurers chosen garage otherwise if this happens to you you are in sh1t street.
So is this right ???
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From experiance through work, administrators usualy favour private individuals when trying to sort out the mess, and in most cases will 'do the right thing', all be it after a short delay.

The car does not belong to the administrators, it still belongs to the owner, he needs to prove title, but the administrators will be interested in any money owed for works carried out, and will be reluctant to 'help' until the bill is settled.

Reporting whatever it is stolen does not work, the ploice are not interested as they say that you handed the item over to them in the first place. Because of the above paragraph, Kidnapping would be more appropriate.

A car sales group went bust around here last year and shut 3 main dealers overnight, lots of local tradesmen had vans etc in for service and had to make do without them for several days whilst private customers cars were released quicker or transfered to other dealers for work tio be completed.


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I know that administrators normally seize anything on-site until the matter is resolved. In particular I know of a v large sailing boat that was being re-fitted at a yard which went into administration. If the owner hadn't got wind of the fact in time and sneaked the boat out the night before when no-one was looking then it would have been a nightmare to have claimed ownership etc especially seeing as there was work done on it, which hadn't yet been paid for and therefore still 'belonged' to the yard.
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