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Desperate student is begging again - for a plotter

You might remember my post a few weeks ago about needing a sandblaster. I managed to get over that by finding one in one of the uni workshops, which we were, in the end allowed to use for free. Now I've got to the second hurdle which is a plotter.

The background behind all this is as follows. Im doing an "enterprise" degree at Portsmouth uni, and part of this is a unit called "student enterprise" which I started back in October. The unit involves setting up a small manufacturing business on a shoe-string budget and run it for the rest of the academic year to learn first hand the principles we've been learning for the last 3 terms.

My group (of 6) has decided to do something along the lines of customized glass (tables, panes, any sort of sheet glass really).

In order to create the stencils we need to customize the glass, we need the use of a plotter or similar machine that will cut sheet vinyl (the sticky stuff that you use for boat names). So far we have created a number of test designs, but these have all been done by a company that normally does boat names, and as such is charging us a small fortune. If we are going to succeed with this we need to find a cheaper alternative. I have phoned just about every department in the uni, but it seems that no-where has a plotter.

So to the point of this thread. I desperately need to find a plotter or machine that will cut vynl, and I'm hoping some good person on ribnet will be able to help. We are willing to pay either for someone to do it for us, or just to use the machine, just as long as its less than what we're being charged at the moment.

If anyone can help I (and the rest of my enterprise group) would be extremely grateful if you could call me on 07717 827393 or PM me.

Many thanks
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