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Computer problems

I have been persevering with this for a while but it is doing my nut in now and I think its slowing down my computer so I was hoping that the infinite wisdome of Rib Net could help me!!!

My computer has recently started trying to configure/install a couple of programmes at start up

These are solution centre and something called status.msi

Whener I satart up the computer, a little status bar comes up and then asks me to insert the relevant discs which I dont have. I dont even know what discs I would need to have to get them running as I dont know what programme they belong to!

The solution centre one goes away after being cancelled once but the status on is more persitant and usually has to be cancelled 10 or more times before it goes away.

I have tried searching for these file names, thinking I could delete whatever was causing the problem.

Other than getting the discs, does anybody know how can I get rid of these? Please help as these are doing my head in!


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Status.msi is definitely associated with HP printer driver support. I know that HP (along with many others) also have a program called Support Centre. I'd start looking there - have you recently installed/removed an HP printer from you system.

You could always try removing and re-installing the HP printer drivers to see if that cures it

HTH - good luck


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Is there any shortcutt in the startup folder, under all progs, startup? if so delete them by rightclicking.

Other than that revove HP cr...p
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I had this with my HP printer, was a right pain in the @rse. Tried un-istalling and re-installing the software, trying updates off HP's website to sure known problems etc.
After un-installing and re-installing a few times it seems to have stopped... and I can print things again now!
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