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Computer help needed!

Sorry, absolutely bugger all to do with RIBS but...

Bought new PC base unit which I use with old Medion Monitor. All is well until I try to run some graphic intensive programmes. (well OK Sim City 4 and X2 if you must know!). Run the game and monitor seems to lose signal and turn itself off!
Hit Ctrl alt del and it sparks back into life. If I then terminate the game it goes back to Win Xp no bother. Even dafter thing is that when I first ran a game (X2) on it it worked OK. Subsequently no joy. Computer is AMD2.2ghz with FX5200 graphics card.

Any thoughts from the the techno heads out there?


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Sounds to me that you may want to drop (either or both) the refresh rate & the colour quality on the monitor to see if this makes a difference!

You don't say how much video & PC memory you have Plus what monitor / size it is!

IE.. If you are running a twin set of 21 inch monitors @100htz & 32bit colour with 128mb of PC memory & a 64mb video card - you would give it a heart attack!

Send me a pm


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Alan I have heard that SIMCITY has conflicts with XP. Now I'm not an expert but this was written in one of the PC mags. It was also an article on how to fix the prob.
Bugger though I do not have the mag but I think it was PC GAMES or something.
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