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Country: UK - Scotland
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A bad day out

I launched my boat in flat calm weather
I thought “no need for shoreside tether”
She floated easy off the trailer
Than snagged the rope that tied my baler
Which slithered easy overboard.
The vessel stretched then snapped the cord!
I splashed straight in to save my bucket
Then let out “damn and blast and Bleep”
(I’d left my waders in the car!)
The water rose up much too far.
The ripples washed around my thigh
I stopped and let out heartfelt sigh
Then turned and watched the boat float past
Upon the tide now flowing fast!
I reached in vain to catch the rope
But much too far, there was no hope!
So boat and outboard, radio too
Swept round the pier and out of view!
I raced across the hard packed sand
Not knowing where the boat might land.
I ran until I lost my breath
Sank to my knees, felt close to death.
Head down and sad, returned to find
My car submerged... (May I remind
My fellow boaters UK wide
Remember please to check the tide
Before you drive onto the beach.
An easy lesson, quick to teach!).
My boat was found washed safe ashore
A distance of ten miles or more
From where I’d watched her float away
Four hours earlier in the day.
I couldn’t drive (I had no motor)
So cadged a lift from friendly boater.
He drove me where the boat had beached
I paddled in and quickly reached
My vessels side and climbed aboard her,
Pushed her into deeper water.
Is it fate or is it me
I’d left behind ignition key!
A spark by trade I ‘jumped’ the switch
It wouldn’t start... Ain’t life a bitch!
Life is hard and sometimes cruel
I hadn’t loaded any fuel!
So there I sat adrift at sea
Writing lines of poetry....
I swore if saved by lifeboat hand
That I would stay upon the land.
When I dream about my boating
On the sea, just gently floating
With Rod and reel held by my side
I dream a grin that’s metres wide.
The truth though is my boating’s terror
Brought on most times by stupid error.
My tribulations and my woe
I’m telling here just so you know
That why it is for evermore
I’ll do my fishing from the shore!

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Country: UK - Scotland
Town: Denny
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Make: Coastline
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I'd always say, any day out with the boat is a good day.

Maybe not..............................

But to be the positive, you can more or less grantee your next trip will be more fun..

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Country: UK - England
Town: Plymouth
Boat name: Andante
Make: Cobra
Length: 8m +
Engine: Yamaha V8. 350 hp
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Great poem
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