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My collection of Imray "C" Charts

Before I put these up on E-Bay, I thought I would give you an opportunity to buy these charts. They come from my various trips around the UK mainland, the circumnavigation I made of Ireland and the various “rape and pillage” jaunts made to northern France. They all (bar 1) come with heavy-duty plastic covers and I will split (if necessary).
I would like to get £100 for them, for which I will ship at my expense.
They all date from 2000/2001 and are “uncorrected”. This means for legal purposes they are NOT FOR NAVIGATION.

Imray Charts

“C” Range

C1 Thames Estuary
C4 Needles to Bill of Portland
C5 Bill of Portland to Salcombe Harbour
C6 Salcombe to Lizard Point
C7 Falmouth to Isles of Scilly and Newquay
C8 Dover Strait
C9 Beachy Head to Isle of Wight
C10 Western English Channel (2 copies)
C12 Eastern English Channel
C16 Western Approaches
C17 Bay of Biscay
C23 Firth of Forth to Moray Forth & the Caledonian Canal
C24 Flamborough Head to Fife Ness
C28 Harwich to Wells-next-the -Sea
C29 Harwich to Whitby
C34 Cap d'Erquy ti Ile de Batz
C51 Cardigan Bay
C53 Donegal By to Rathlin Island
C54 Galway Bay to Donegal Bay
C55 Dingle Bay to Galway Bay
C56 Cork Harbour to Dingle Bay
C57 Tuskar Rock to Old Head of Kinsale
C58 Trevose Head to Bull Point
C59 Bristol Channel
C60 Gower Peninsular to Cardigan
C61 St Georges Channel
C62 Irish Sea
C64 Belfast Lough to Lough Foyle and Crinan
C65 Crinan to Mallaig
C67 Not Minch and Isle of Lewis
C68 Cape Wrath to Wick & the Orkney Islands

I would like to sell them as one-lot.

"Ribbing-the most expensive way of travelling third class"
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hi Brian
I suspect you are big Steve Bradley's pal from the Iom. I bought Narnia from him last year and have had a wonderful time boating in donegal. Do you still have the maps - if so I would like to buy them from you. Maybe you could give me a buzz on 07775897157 . You might have other bits I may be interested in.
Tell the big fella I was asking for him.
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