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Don't become another victim - use your kill cord every time

On 5 May 2013 a family of six were thrown out of their RIB during a high speed turn in the Camel Estuary off Padstow in Cornwall.

Nick Milligan and his eight year old daughter Emily were both killed, his wife Victoria lost a leg and their son Kit was severely injured. The reason for this tragic outcome was simply because the kill cord was not being used at the time.

BBC News - Victoria Milligan's safety 'kill cord' plea after speedboat deaths

For anyone who missed the detailed report on the accident it is here:

It sounds like this family were similar to most of us on RIBnet. They weren't stupid or reckless, had been on an RYA training course and were wearing life jackets. Despite this they made a mistake, for which they have paid a dreadful price.

Don't make the same mistake, don't be the next victim. Please make sure you use your kill cord every time.
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